4club Review

There are a lot of sites out there that I haven’t covered but I’ll eventually get to them, which is how I came across 4Club.com. Before I dive into everything I know about the site, I’m going to tell you why I’m writing this review. For starters, I’m pretty pissed off that there are so many dating sites out there without actually delivering what they promise to deliver to paid subscribers. It’s troubling, to say the least. If I had to make a simple statement about 4Club.com, I’d say that it cannot be trusted but read this and piece together your own thoughts on the product.

4club Review

My 4Club App Experience Was A Bad One…

Based on what I know the 4Club.com website and app is suspect and not one that can be trusted. They pose as if they’re a 100% legit dating network but they are nothing of the sort. When going through the motions and using this site, I came across a ton of things that were extremely alarming about the site.

No Payment No Communication

The first thing that I hate about the 4Club network is that you cannot communicate with anyone if you don’t pay. In other words, you get through this annoying registration process only to be left with having to upgrade your 4club.com membership which isn’t cheap at all by the way…

Here are the costs (broken down) for you:

🔴2-day trial: $1

🔴1-month: $29

🔴1-year: $97

🔴18-month: $133

Suspect Messages

My 4club review would not be complete if I didn’t talk about the shady messaging that occurs here. So after you join the 4club.com site or mobile app, you’ll end up getting a bunch of messages and these messages end up being complete hogwash. What I mean by that is they are what I’d consider being a total scam that’s not genuine at all.

🔴In fact, it doesn’t take long to realize that these messages that get sent may be nothing other than fake or fantasy-based emails, messages, and chat notifications. These messages, to the best of my knowledge, are all sent via a server or computer that sends auto messages to users to encourage activity. They like to refer to these automated messages as flirts, nothing more than that. There are lots of sites that use this including Superhookup.com and others.

🔴However, the real issue here is that you’re paying money to connect with real local people and as a result of paying, you’re connecting with a computer, not a physical human being on the other side.

🔴At the end of the day, the company has one objective, get you to sign up and eventually pay for an upgrade – NOTHING MORE. In fact, I’ve never met with anyone at all that’s been able to successfully hook up with someone from 4Club.com.

What To Think About

You need to think about what’s going on here. Let’s assume that you’ve just created a profile and you’re now receiving messages from people when you haven’t even taken the time to build out a decent profile. No profile photo, no awesome bio, no tagline yet you’re getting bombarded with emails and chat messages. It’s a bunch of nonsense, really!

The Images And People

There are lots of people on this site (or they want you to think that). Most of the images, I’m assuming, are stolen or bought images. In fact, you can do a reverse image search for these girls. You’ll quickly notice that they are posted on other dating sites that are either connected with the 4club app or they are affiliated with many other dating sites that exist out there. Are they fabricated or are they real?

🔴It’s too difficult to tell the difference here. I’m not going to sit here and suggest you go on a wild goose chase to determine all that. I did some digging and found where they claim that the photo galleries are purchased from fotolia.com and stockphoto.com – ridiculousness. You would almost be better off using the Spazilla site or hiring one of those gross “Listcrawlers.” I don’t recommend doing that either, trust me.

Canceling Your Membership

The terms in which you cancel your membership here are awful. Based on what I read in Article 4 of the TOC, 4Club.com has the right to retain all unused funds. They can do so whether you cancel or they terminate your account. So basically you’re not getting any money back. Sucks big time, huh? I know!

Who Are They

This site is run by Tekka Digital SA, which is part of the TKD White Label Network aka TDK Network. If you want to get in touch with the company, then you can easily do so. Here’s all the information that you need:

🔴Tekka Digital s.a. Via Balestra 12, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

🔴If you want to reach out to the company via email, then copy and paste this URL into your browser:

Conclusion: 4Club App and Site Are Not Worth It

If you’re looking to get laid, then you need to avoid the 4club.com network. You’re not going to meet up with people in profile pics purchased from fotolia and istockphoto. I mean, come on now! Let’s be serious, if really want to hook up with someone, then do so by joining one of the top 10 casual sex dating apps I’ve recommended on my homepage. Any other approach is a complete waste of time and money.

4club Review

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