Royalcams Review

What Is RoyalCams: Royal Cams is a large cam platform with thousands of models, but it has nothing special about it. Granted the most important part of a cam site is the ladies who perform on it, these same ladies can be found performing on other, bigger platforms. What reason does that give you to stay committed to this platform, huh? In this Royal Cams review, delve into all the juicy bits of RoyalCams, so you can decide whether it's worth staying on with this small-time competitor. After all, a pervert like you deserves premium pussy and features, right?

Royalcams Review


🔴 Thousands of models to choose from

🔴 Lots of contests to boost activity

🔴 Various categories


🔴 Ad pop-ups

🔴 Restricted full screen video to paying members

Does the Royal Cams webcam site offer any unique features?

If a chad like you is spending time at any one site, it better stand out. Unfortunately, RoyalCams doesn't do anything unique to separate themselves from the crowd. The most they have to boast about is the contests they host, but this is common for many cam sites you see these days. While other websites have unique games, social media platforms, and dedicated mobile apps, RoyalCams lacks innovation. Another issue the website has is it limits the time you can watch a specific model. If you don't have an account, and you find a cam girl you like watching, you better jack off quickly. After a set amount of time, you'll be blocked from watching their specific stream until you create an account. You can still watch other cam sluts though.

How many models are on the platform?

On average, you'll find around 3000 models performing at any time. However, there will be several hundreds of cams with less than two-digit audience numbers. You can find camgirls of all ethnicities here. There aren't any exclusive models, though. This means the same models you're watching on Royal Cams can be streaming the same shows to other cam sites. This does not make you feel exclusive, yeah?

Royalcams Review

Is the search function reliable?

The categories tab is very mediocre. You can choose from 34 categories, but that doesn't even begin to cover the various fetishes a person can be into. There's a “Pornstars” category, but these aren't big-name actresses. It turns out just about anyone can hop on this subdivision and start performing. The search filter itself allows you to change the parameters of your hunt based on appearance, language, region, and age satisfactorily. Get your freak on without any delay in finding the perfect whore for you, perv.

Is it economical to buy tokens on RoyalCams?

However, the purchase page kept crashing every time I attempted to launch it. So even if you want to spend money on the platform, you'll have to wait until they fix the issue, or contact the support to find out the prices.

🔴 12 Tokens = $2.99

🔴 102 Tokens = $7.99

🔴 258 Tokens = $29.99

🔴 813 Tokens = $49.99

🔴 1223 Tokens = $74.99

🔴 9000 Tokens = $499

🔴 17980 Tokens = $74.99

🔴 42496 Tokens = $2500

🔴However, the purchase page kept crashing every time I attempted to launch it. So even if you want to spend money on the platform, you'll have to wait until they fix the issue, or contact the support to find out the prices.

Can you be a VIP on Royal Cams?

Royalcams has 7 different tiers of premium membership. The first tier, Gold, can be accessed by purchasing any amount of tokens. It gives you access to most of the important aspects of the cam site, like sending private messages, watching private shows, getting full-screen videos, following models, and more. The other tiers give you minor benefits like changing font styles, getting gift cards, and changing the color of their messages. They're trivial benefits that don't make much of a difference but are there to incentivize heavy spenders.

Is RoyalCams safe?

RoyalCams is safe to use. To keep yourself secure from hacks and phishing attempts, you can enable 2-step verification on your account. It has a valid security certificate as well, which ensures your personal information and credentials won't be stolen. Is RoyalCams legitimate shouldn't be a question as well probably. Even if you face any issue, you may contact the support team, and they promise to solve it.

Is RoyalCams worth creating an account there?

Royal Cams doesn't offer exclusive models or even any unique features not found in any other cam site. So it's only up to you whether to stay committed to this one platform. Maybe monogamy is overrated, dude? Spread your wings and check out more recommended cam sites before you decide to settle!

Royalcams Review

Frequently Asked Questions

How do credits work on Royal Cams?

You can purchase tokens once you've created an account. You can redeem tokens at different sections of the site for private shows and group sessions. Use tokens to send tips and purchase videos and photos in a model's gallery. You even have the chance to win tokens back through regular promotions.

What payment methods does Royal Cams accept?

RoyalCams takes payments through major credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency, Skrill, and even gift cards.

How to get Royal Cams tokens for free?

When you launch RoyalCams for the first time, you'll have the opportunity to get free moolah. Once you've created your account, add an email and confirm it to get 10 tokens without cost. You can also check out the promotions tab to get more tokens by signing in through your mobile device or by referring a friend to the platform. You can get 100 free tokens when you first get a gold membership.

How to delete Royal Cams account?

Once you're logged in, hover your mouse above the dropdown menu next to your username at the top right of the screen. Click on “Account Information”. At the bottom of this page, you'll find a yellow “Cancel Account” button. This will bring you to a confirmation page asking if you're sure you want to deactivate your account. This permanently disables your account when you click the red “Confirm” button.

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